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Please support our introduction to Islam projects:

  • Printing leaflets in various languages about Islam and its teachings
  • Developing exhibition material to be used in schools, community centres and other public places
  • Organising seminars, conferences and symposia to introduce Islam.

If you like to make a donation which is sadaqa jariya(continual charity), please use the  details on the  right side.  Jazaak Allaahu Khayran and Thank you.  Lets be part of the  building bridges of peace and harmony between communities. Those who want to donate through PAYPAL

  • Or Donating online, here is our bank details

Bank Details

  • Account Name: WAMYUK LTD
  • Account Number: 23684446
  • Sort Code: 23-05-80
  • IBAN:GB15MYMB23058023684446  Swift/BIC: MYMBGB2L
  • Reference: Sadaqa Donation

Those who help one another out of goodness and piety will be rewarded as Allah says in the Quran: Those who produce a good action will receive ten like it…. . (Surat al-An’am: 160) …If anyone does a good action, We will increase the good of it for him. “Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Thankful”. (Quran; Chapter 42; verse 23)