Volunteers Needed(London):1400 years of Rights for Women in Islam




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1400 years of Rights for Women in Islam

* Volunteers Needed In London

DATE: SATURDAY, 28.05.2022
LOCATION: Leicester square, London
TIME: 11am till 4pm

We will be in London,  inviting ladies from other faith communities,  to try on a scarf(hijab) with their own free choice.   Each visitor  will receive  free beautiful  gift, which will have brand new scarf(hijab), sweets, and leaflet about women in Islam.

This is an opportunity for non Muslims to meet Muslims and ask about how women are viewed in Islam

Dear Volunteer, Please help us  if you believe that women have rights in Islam

AIM OF THE EVENT: Remove misconceptions about Islam and women in Islam and build bridges of understanding between communities.

* No previous experience necessary, support will be given, work in pairs or individually.

Please don’t forget to fill up the volunteering registration  form below this message.

For further Enquiries, please contact:
E: events@wamy.co.uk

Please watch  our previous event youtube video clip which describes the Scarf (Hijab) event


If you are unable to help us this time in spreading the truth about how Muslim women are viewed in Islam than Please help us by passing this message to your contacts
May Allah reward your sincere  efforts ameen




Bookings are closed for this event.